Sunday, February 14, 2010

Action Alert: Ask Governor McDonnell to Support Community for All

This urgent action alert is from the ARC of Virginia:

Ask Governor McDonnell to support Community for All


Click on the link here to send an email to the Governor:

Critical budget decisions are being made this week. These decisions will determine the future of community-based services for Virginians with developmental disabilities and their families.

Will the waiting list for community services be reduced or will it continue to grow?

Will the community-based system stay intact or will it be dismantled by budget cuts?

Will Virginia commit to "Community for All" or will we rebuild institutions?

Hundreds of people with developmental disabilities, family members and concerned citizens are anticipated to attend the "mArcH for Rights" in Richmond on Monday morning, calling for for Virginia to eliminate the proposed cuts to community services and stop rebuilding institutions. Please join their voices.

Help us ensure the message of Community for All is heard loud and clear! Our goal is to get 1,000 emails to Governor McDonnell by 12pm on Monday. The 5 minutes you give to take action will impact the lives of thousands. Clicking on the link it will take you to the alert posted on the ARC of Virginia's website. Just scroll down and enter your name, email and address-then click "send message". Talking points are provided for your email to Governor McDonnell, but please take a minute to personalize your message (i.e. "I'm a family member on the waiver waiting list" ," I'm someone who is affected by cuts to community-based services", "I'm a friend/neighbor/collegue", etc.).

This alert is very time sensitive. Please respond as soon as possible and forward this email to everyone you know asking them to join you in the email campaign on behalf of "A Life Like Yours".

If just 10 of your friends and family members respond-it will have a big impact.-Please help The Arc stand up for "A Life Like Yours"-email Governor McDonnell TODAY!